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Pest Control vs Extermination: What’s the Difference?

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When you see an unwanted pest like a cockroach, ant or other insect invading your home, you’re naturally upset. You want them gone. You might even want them dead.

When you look up pest control professionals, you’ll see two different types: control and exterminators. How are these two different and which one do you need? Many people don’t realize there is a difference, but the approach they take to getting rid of the pests is very different.

We’ll examine how these two professions differ and which one is the best for your situation. You’ll make an educated decision and be one step closer to getting rid of pests.

Pest Control History

In the past, the only goal was the extermination of the pests. Exterminators would come in with harsh chemicals that were dangerous to the environment, pets, and people. The homeowners would have to leave the home while the chemicals were injected into walls and the home “bombed” to get rid of the pests.

Aside from the harsh chemicals, the problem with this method was it often wasn’t successful. Exterminators would kill as many as possible, but wouldn’t solve the root of the problem. They didn’t find out why the insects were there.

Since the problem pests often came back, it led to the development of pest control instead of pest extermination. The goal is the same, but pest control is more about management than eradication.

Long View vs. Short View

When a pest control company visits, they take the time to understand the problem. They’ll examine the inside and outside of the home to determine where they’re coming in, why they’re there, and the best way to get rid of them.

Exterminators aren’t interested in the whys or the hows. They kill the insects and pests that are present but aren’t interested in the future. The chemicals may kill the bulk of the insects, but they’ll multiply and be back in no time. You’ll have to call them again in six months or a year to do it all over again.

Pest control experts think about the long view. They want to eliminate the current batch of pests and make sure they don’t come back again. They look at the hows and whys to determine the best way to eliminate them for good.

Exterminators Use Harsher Chemicals

Both pest control and exterminators use chemicals to help eliminate pests, but exterminators tend to use more powerful and less environmentally friendly chemicals.

Since they’re not searching for the best way to eliminate the pests, they need the strongest insecticides they can use to kill whatever is in there. The insecticide will kill cockroaches, ants and just about anything else in the house. ‘

Pest control professionals use chemicals, but they’re less dangerous. They want to take care of the problem using as many natural remedies as possible. Why?

They understand that it’s your home and you’ve got pets and children running around. They don’t want your dog to accidentally get into insecticide and become ill.

Pest control experts also know that pests have a part to play in the overall environment. You may not want them showing up in the house, but they likely serve an important role in your local ecosystem. By exterminating them, you could upset a delicate balance that leads to the proliferation of another pest.

Pest Control Has More Options

When people think of exterminators, they picture someone in a hazmat suit and a tank of chemicals. They’re spraying entire rooms with dead bugs lying on the ground. This isn’t too far from reality.

Exterminators have one solution: they poison and kill the bugs. There’s nothing else they can do.

Pest control has methods of handling different pests in different ways. If your home is infested with termites or bed bugs, the exterminator’s methods are the same. A pest control technician develops a unique solution to each problem.

The treatment of termites is different than the treatment for beetles. They go through extensive training and education to know how to spot the different species of pests and develop the proper treatment.

How You Feel Walking into Your Home Afterward

You love your home and spend considerable time making it look, smell and feel comfortable for you. When you hire an exterminator and you walk into your home, it might smell strongly of chemicals.

It can take a few days for those smells to clear, and then you’re calling them again in six months and doing it all over again. The odor can make you feel sick and not want to spend time in your home. You’ve eliminated the pests for now, but you still can’t enjoy your home.

After a pest control technician finishes, your home doesn’t smell like a chemical factory. Since the methods they use are subtler and more natural, they lack the odors of strong pesticides.

You Get More Information with Pest Control

When you hire an exterminator, they’ll tell you what they’re going to do and that’s it. It’s not very informative because their solution is the same for everything.

That’s not the case for a pest control specialist. They’ll examine your home, check moisture levels and more before sitting down with you and explaining the solution they have planned.

They’ll tell you what they discovered, what pests are present, why they’re there and why their solution is the best method to get rid of them. They’ll give you peace of mind and, most importantly, understanding.

Should You Choose Pest Control or an Exterminator?

Ultimately, the decision to choose pest control or an exterminator is yours. If you just want the problem gone and don’t care if it comes back in a year, then extermination might be your best bet. If you want a sustainable way to get rid of the pests indefinitely, then you’ll want a pest control professional.

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