Residential Termite Services

Even if you don’t see signs of termite damage, your home could be in danger. Termites have voracious appetites, and sometimes the damage that you see is just a small part of it. Why not schedule a residential termite inspection and find out if this pest is in your house? We’ll tell you the truth even if you don’t have any termites.Residential Termite Services

Residential Termite Services

Residential Termite ServicesYou might be wondering if any signs exist before termites have gotten a chance to gnaw into the wooden structures of your home.
If you are alert and actively engaged in searching for evidence that termites are moving into your house, you might see one or more of the following:

  • Mud tunnels on the outside of your house
  • Piles of small, evenly sized wings outside your home
  • Fresh holes in drywall, paneling, or woodwork
  • ┬áPiles of debris where the wall meets the floor

Of course, once these wood-destroying pests have been in your home for a while, you might also notice:

  • Hollow sounds when you knock on wooden areas of the home
  • Floors that seem to be sagging
  • Loose woodwork, trim, or baseboards

Don’t worry though if you can’t quite make up your mind. Here at Brantley Termite & Pest Control, our experts are fully experienced in determining what type of pest has taken up residence with you. Once they know what they are dealing with, they’ll make short work of eliminating the threat to your structural integrity.

If termites are discovered in your dwelling, it’s important to get treatment right away. While you can’t undo the damage without repairs, you can at least prevent fresh destruction from happening. Give us a call. We have the knowledge, training, and expertise needed to get rid of termites fast and efficiently.

Why Brantley?

  • Certified Termite Specialists

    Each of our termite specialists is certified, giving you access to well-trained, highly qualified individuals who know what they are doing.

  • Free Termite Assessment

    You have nothing to lose! We give free termite assessments so that our neighbors know what they are dealing with at no cost.

  • Guarantee of Satisfaction

    If our customers aren’t happy, neither are we. After all, their satisfaction is responsible for all of the referrals that we get!

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Residential Termite Services

  • Home Termite Inspection

    If you think that your home has termites, it probably does. Just to make sure, our technicians will conduct a comprehensive inspection that includes checking for moisture (something which termites need to survive), debris from wood that is being eaten by termites, and signs of mud tunnels, excrement, and discarded wings. Specialized equipment (moisture meters, IR thermometers, and termite-detecting devices) might be used to assist with this evaluation.

  • Termite Treatment Recommendations

    As soon as our specialist has identified the problem, you’ll receive a recommendation for treatment. We’ll let you know the available options along with the one that we believe offers the wisest plan of action for your circumstances.

  • Termite Treatment Implementation

    In most cases, a liquid treatment that targets the inside and outside of your home will be used. This solution will also be applied within the foundation of your home in order to provide a protective barrier against future invasions. Additionally, a foaming solution is often used to assist us in reaching areas that are difficult to get to otherwise. This strategy prevents the potential for damage often caused by the wetness of a liquid product. The foaming solution expands, enabling it to spread into targeted areas without harming the home’s structural components. Bait stations will most likely be placed at areas known to attract termites, including tree stumps.

  • Termite Educational Guidance

    It is important to understand that termite infestations require ongoing care to prevent future problems. We’ll identify what you need to do to protect your home, while also explaining the protection plan accompanying your termite treatment.

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