Scotland Yards, the specialty lawn care division of Brantley Termite & Pest Control, has an exceptional reputation as the best professional health care provider for lawns and plants. We know how to deliver the healthiest outdoor living spaces by providing outstanding service and targeted treatments. Your lawn will never look better than it does when we are on the job. Our company has more than 37 years of horticultural experience in Florida, giving us the knowledge and experience needed to provide for all of your property care needs.

Pinellas Lawn Care Services

Scotland Yard’s Offers Regularly Scheduled Visits

Here is a look at what you receive:

  • Customized care that addresses the specific needs of your property
  • 8 full visits scheduled every five to seven weeks throughout the year
  • Personalized report detailing the services performed at each visit along with explanations as to why they were needed along with information on the materials used and follow-up care such as watering instructions
  • Recommendations for future treatments and services that could optimize your lawn’s health and appearance

FREE Service Calls between Visits

Changes to your lawn can occur due to drought conditions, heavy foot traffic, pest infestations, and mowing. If you notice a problem, call us rig t away for a free visit. We’ll come out and service your lawn, carefully resolving the issue.

Pinellas Lawn Care Services

Key Benefits

  • Free Follow-Up Service Calls

    If you notice a problem after your service visit, we’ll come out for free!

  • I.S.A. Certified Arborist On Staff

    State-licensed, certified, and insured arborist on staff (#50-0717A)

  • Horticulturist Standing

    We have a horticulturist on staff to assist you with the proper care and nutrition of your lawn.

  • Lawn Pest Management

    Integrated pest management is a critical part of maintaining a healthy lawn, which is why we offer excellent pest removal services.

Free Aeration, a $125.00 Value

The Scotland Yard Process

  • Inspection & Analysis

    Prior to creating a plan, our highly experienced staff conducts a thorough examination of your lawn in order to identify areas of concern. Our horticulturist conducts a thorough analysis of your lawn, including nutrient requirements, soil conditions, disease assessment, and pest infestation.

  • Recommended Course of Action

    Our staff creates a 4-season treatment plan for the upcoming year. This plan might include pest control weed control, lawn spraying, disease control, rodent removal, and shrubbery care. Your program is customized for the needs of your lawn.

  • Design Report

    In order to keep our customers informed, we complete and share a design report containing information regarding the materials and treatments used. Everything you need to know about your lawn care is included in this report.

  • Implementation

    Regularly scheduled visits are completed to provide the agreed upon course of action. We’ll even share tips on how to get the most out of your lawn, including ideas on proper mowing and watering practices.

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